HP3​C Group

                         Helping Churches Move From Surviving to Thriving


Our Mission

HP3C Group exists to help the local church move from surviving to thriving!​

Howard Parker, Certified Church Consultant

I am so very passionate about the local church!  

For the last 25-years, I have had the privilege to serve with healthy and vibrant churches in staff positions from church administrator to executive pastor.  I have experienced the victories and the disappointments of ministry.  I understand the opportunities and challenges churches are facing.  There is really no need to "go this alone!"  Allow me to meet with you and listen to your hopes, dreams, cares, and concerns.  Together, we can invigorate the ministry passion of your staff, leadership, and congregation.  

HP3C Group

HP3C Group has a vast network of relationships and contacts in every conceivable area of ministry!  We will listen to your concerns and questions.  We'll work hard to find solutions and provide answers to your concerns and questions.  We will provide actionable solutions you can use to continually improve ministry, moving from surviving to thriving!