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Church Revitalization Services

Jump-start your congregation!

Tell us where you've been, and where you'd love your church to excel!  HP3C Group will help you get there.  We understand ministry is difficult.  We realize churches can stagnate and become complacent. We understand congregations change over time. 

HP3C Group will help re-energize your church by providing solutions to the growth barriers and ministry challenges you and your congregation are experiencing. We'll pray right beside you as you move from surviving to thriving!​

Back Office Services and Support

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Database Management, Online Giving, Human Resources, and IT Management Services

HP3C Group can provide the "back office" administrative services you need, as well as work with your current office staff helping them become proficient with current and/or needed software.  Plus, we can help you wade through the often-times confusing array of technology and cloud-based options, enabling you to choose the best solution for your needs.

Staff & Leadership Health Assessment

How healthy is your church, really?

After all, your church is only as healthy as your staff and leadership.

HP3C Group will appropriately administer our proven Church Health Assessment to selected segments of your staff and leadership.  We will also interview approved congregants, leadership and staff to provide you with a complete 360-degree look at your current leadership health level.  Then, based on the health assessment results, we will work together to select the best "prescription" to improve church health.

Church Security Audit

From Sunday morning security teams to internal financial controls

Do you need to develop a Sunday morning security team, or just need some additional training and "best practices" developed for your existing security team?  Do you need to create and implement a policy and procedures document?  We can help! HP3C Group partners with the industries best security experts to bring you current security protocols, enabling you to consider the latest security measures available.  

HP3C Group can also look at your internal financial controls and make recommendations to help prevent fraud or theft.

Congregational Survey and Analysis

Uncover what you really need to know!

Want to know changes in your congregation's demographics over the last few years?

Would you like to see how your Sunday worship numbers have changed over the last few years?

How about giving trends?  Volunteer involvement trends?

Need to understand how the congregation feels about worship?

How about the Children's ministry challenges?  Preschool ministry concerns?

Does the congregation feel connected with the church staff, including the Sr. Pastor?

Our congregational survey and survey analysis will provide invaluable feedback to all these questions and more!.  We'll provide you with results you can act upon!

Construction Management, Facilities Consulting & Design Services

We can help with big decisions concerning capital projects.

HP3C Group has over 3-decades of experience in the areas of construction, construction and project management, building design and analysis, financing, capital budgeting, and systems integration.

We can also evaluate your current facility and provide feedback concerning existing systems (HVAC, Roof, Network, Communications, CCTV, etc.), as well as provide a capital maintenance budget identifying system life expectancy and replacement costs for these systems.​

Comprehensive Church Analysis

Is your church is ready to pursue God's "next big vision?"  We can help! 

The old adage, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step", is appropriate, as your first step is often the most difficult.  Our Comprehensive Church Analysis includes all our services listed above, plus HP3C Group will identify other critically important areas to focus on as well.  Areas such as budgeting, bookkeeping, payroll, payables, staffing, IT, and insurance.  We will analyze our findings and provide you with a comprehensive analysis to follow.  This will ensure your first step will be in the correct direction.  Then, we'll walk together through this transformational journey.